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Math Grades 3 to 12

Have you ever wondered why some kids are so good at calculations while others battle to do simple addition?

Is there any way to improve math skills?

What we do at Infokidz Academy?

  • Adhere to the Alberta math curriculum
  • Explain the connection and application of math in the ‘real world’ to help students understand the significance
  • Apply a structured teaching methodology, as well as being available for homework help as needed
  • We provide extra free classes if a student needs more time to grasp the concept. Parents can book the extra free sessions after checking with administration at academy, as supplementary sessions are subject to space availability
  • The curriculum at Infokidz is merged with the concept of mental math in order to enhance student’s cognitive development

What is mental arithmetic?

Mental arithmetic is a systematic approach where a person learns how to mentally visualize an abacus or similar method developed by him or her to do quick calculations. Many people develop their own system of mental calculation without any formal training; they are able to store intermediate results in brain and use a mental table to complete the questions in seconds.

English Language Arts Grades 3 to 12

Language is the basis for thinking, communication, and learning. Language is a fundamental element of identity and it influences creative expression. Our curriculum is designed to teach students the fundamental elements of English language arts.

At InfoKidz we aim to give students practice in achieving clear learning outcomes as specified in the Alberta Language Arts Curriculum, all the while maintaining high learning standards and keeping in mind the new age literacy demands in English language. The six Language Arts according to the Alberta Language Arts Curriculum are listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing and representing. It is the aim of our language arts program to give students opportunities to develop communication skills in these areas and to achieve personal satisfaction, through challenging activities.

Some key features of our program are:

  • Critical thinking skills
  • Vocabulary building
  • Grammar awareness and improvement
  • Creative expression development
  • Extensive and intensive reading
  • Group discussions, role plays and debates
  • Listening, speaking, reading and writing

Each student that participates in our course (tutoring resources edmonton) will be given an assessment during their first day. The assessment is solely to help our staff know where each kid is at and where they need to be. This will help us tailor the program to needs of your child. It is to help us give them the best learning experience possible. To get more updates please visit here.

Robotics & Multimedia Design

Coming soon…..